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The end of a long love affair

Choreography: Joshua Sailo

Dancers: Agnes Balfego and Gabrielle MacAllister

Inspired by the legacy of Yves Saint Laurent and his groundbreaking works that challenged the conventions of Haute Couture, The End of a Long Love Affair, is a transposition of the ideas that lay behind Yves Saint Laurent’s conceptual designs that gave fuel to the social fires of sexual liberation and defying conventions and tradition. Studying the repercussions of the iconic moments in his career like Le Smoking, the Pantsuit, and the Safari Jacket that gave women the freedom to wear traditionally masculine silhouettes, this piece explores the path to self realization and finding pride and comfort in our choices that have been liberated from those prescribed by society; a movement study of the construction and deconstruction of our bodily experiences, and the freedom that androgyny brings in rejecting the scripts that gender prescribes at birth.

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