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Xyclone photo-3.jpg

Choreography: Joshua Sailo

Dancers: Meri Salmela, Joshua Sailo

Sound Design - Meri Salmela

Music: Between the Mustard and Mayo - Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio; Abyss - Phantom K; Tinnitus - Ardleg; Shot - The Hipshakes; Pourtant - Stillborn Blues;Jamais - Stillborn Blues

Mixed and edited by Meri Salmela

Dramaturgy and Text:Sinéad Brady

XYCLONE reflects upon the interplay between gender and how power is shifted through touch, play, coordination, cooperation, dominance and subordination. By recalling childhood games and stirring up fights and frenzy, XYCLONE exposes the multifaceted complexity of boy-girl relationship, and whether we stand to question it or simply reproduce and clone the preexisting patterns and relationships.

This work was made in collaboration with Meri Salmela who explores through her work the impunity of touch, and the integral writing and dramaturgy of Sinéad Brady

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