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Classes and workshops

We seek to learn continually and engage deeply in our reserach and training so that we can share the most informed, safe, and quality practices with you. We believe movement is a tranformational experience and hope you will join us in our classes and workshops to experience a rejuvination and vitality in your body and mind. 

Prime Movers

Prime Movers is an evolving movement practice that aims to build a high level of body awareness and access a dynamic range of movement with ease, efficiency, safety and pleasure. Each session is designed to help you develop a deep connection with yourself and tune your awareness to your bodily rhythms and sensations during motion.

By being mindful of our impulses and primal instincts, these classes will equip you to understand the fundamentals of movement and grow at your own pace through physical explorations and experiential learning.

There are no prerequisites to movement. Whether you are a professional dancer seeking enhanced training, or a total beginner who wishes to bring movement into their lives and age with grace and vitality, we arededicated to sharing a movement practice that energises your being. 

1-on-1 Session


May-Jul 2021

Sankshipta 6.0

Jun-Sept 2021

Toolbox Residency

Diploma 2021

Attakkalri Centre for Movement Arts 

Our Approach

Our main goal is to give you a curiosity to investigate movement and be aware of your posture, alignment, weight transfer and enhance your action/reaction (understanding the fundamentals of movement). A process orientated approach helps us to be adaptable and flexible in our program to accommodate each individual's body and learning curve. 

Strategy -  You will get a consultation (during your first session) to discuss our immediate and long term goals to bring the benefits of movement into your daily life. We stay alive to the process and individual progress to allow the body time to adapt, transform and take in information. Developing this awareness improves your mental and physical well being and creates opportunities for play and exploration. 

Movement - The movement sessions draw on my experience as a professional dancer and movement practitioner which offer a wide variety of systems, methods and techniques to call upon to help you find a connection to your own body and move with ease, efficiency and pleasure. The sessions will involve short movement sequences, creative tasks to activate and challenge the mind-body connection, and breath work. 

Group Classes 

Prime Movers courses and workshops are conducted at various studios and institutions across the country where you can grow through a progressive training module. These group classes challenge your spatial awareness, rhythm, coordination, and creative thinking as you interact with your body, mind and space. 

1-on-1 Session

You will get my undivided attention as we tailor a practice specific for your needs. An individual class is a great way to try out movement in your own space and privacy.

Schedule an online video session so we can get to know each other and ask any questions that you may have. (This is a time for you to ask any specific questions you may have and tell us about your injuries and conditions that you would like to address.) The first few sessions will be an introduction to the fundamentals of movement and breathing upon which we can develop a unique practice to support your needs and goals.

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