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What? Who's There

Updated: May 16, 2021

After learning parts of a phrase from Marco Goecke's 'Wir Sagen uns Dunkles', I felt a character emerge within me with very peculiar movements.

This exploration was a play to get to know this person lurking beneath the surface of who Joshua is.

This short work was an introspection in the studio, learning to act upon impulses without filtering the movement or refining the composition. Allowing my instincts to guide the movement really helped articulate the qualities and vacboulary of the character. It has been awhile since I have created like this, and I found it a fun exploration to play with narrative and the sinister music by Alfred Schittke.

Developing this into a short dance video brought back the excitement and magic of a techincal rehearsal, when you get to see the creation under a new light (literally). My borther Matthew Sailo created this setup and changed the way we viewed the piece dramatically. If we are willing to listen to the piece rather than direct every aspect of the creation, each new element proposed new ideas to the work in progress. The lighting brought back many childhood memories, fighting over toys, looney tunes, and the old black and white movies we used to watch on my grandfather's VCR. This is a tribute to all that is lost in memory, and the other versions of who I could be.

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