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Moving Silences

Updated: May 12, 2021

Choreography: Charles-Alexis Desgagnés

Dancer: Joshua Sailo

The 20 minutes solo piece, choreographed by Charles-Alexis Desgagnés in collaboration with the interpreter Joshua Sailo, explores diverse themes such as extenuation, directionality, playfullness, chopping the head off, extremeties of the body, inversion of the perspective and philosophical deep questionning around the post-confinement Zoom era. The piece was created in 6 hours and is an exercise in automatic creation. It was also lots of fun!

You can watch the online performance below.


About the Work

Working together in this virtual space allowed Charles and I to reconnect and find a meaningful way to engage with each other artistically, professionally and personally. There was a deep sense of reverance in the shared time during rehearsals and online performances, as well as an arrival in a shared space beyond the physical realm. This exploratory work made me realise a connection is beyond a geographic situation but a commitment, engagment, sensitivity and attnetion to the people and place you share that moment with.

Moving Silences really sparked both of our imaginations and developement as contemporary dancers. This work made me value the small and intimate spaces and gestures inside my body, the animation of dismembered body parts as they begin to embody human characteristics when viewed through our narrative selves. It has given me inspiration on creating characters for upcoming works.

Charles has taken this idea fruther and developed a solo by building on these ideas. And I am very excited to see the growth of this creative progeny as Charles will be performing this new development at Festival de Dance, a new performance experience adapted to this COVID-19 culture where audiences will be coming to the outdoor venue in their own cars to watch the performance much life a drive-in cinema with their headlights lighting up the outdoor stage.

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